Questions & answers

Here we will bundle the most common questions & answers. If you have a question about your preparation for the Amsterdam Marathon, please send an email to: ponrunners@runningamersfoort.nl. For other questions regarding your participation please contact us at ponfit@pon.com.

Questions & answers

  • Do I really have to do the ‘Long Slow Distance run’?   
    What you need to keep in mind is that while intensive training may well make you stronger and faster, it also breaks down muscle tissue. By making sure your Long Slow Distance (LSD) run is really slow, you’ll give your body time to recover and make it stronger. Furthermore, it not only improves your basic endurance level but it also encourages fat burning as a source of energy which enables you to keep running longer. So, yes, it is essential to incorporate the LSD run in your training schedule.
  • What to wear when it’s cold?  
    In general, people often tend to wear too much, because people dress the way we 'normally' do. However, physical exertion generates heat and therefore too much clothing is not only unnecessary, it even works against you. After all, if your body is unable to reduce the excess heat, it will slam on the brakes and your performance level will drop.
  • How to adjust my training schedule when it’s hot?  
    Try to train outside whenever possible. However, if it's very hot, then do not train too intensively! Adjust your pace, don't run for too long or train indoors. If you frequently use a treadmill, make sure you choose one with a hard surface that does not bounce much. It imitates the surface of the streets as much as possible and therefore prepares you better for running in Amsterdam.
  • How long before the marathon can I still do an intensive training? 
    Make sure you take the necessary recovery time into account. A good rule of thumb for an intensive training is 6 days of recovery for a 10 km run, 10 days for 16 km and 20 days for 32 km. So, do not run too intensively after the end of September or you won't have enough time to recover before the marathon.
  • What energy products can I bring in my luggage?  
    In general gels, food and energy bars can be taken on the plane. Pack them carefully into your hold luggage: do not take them in your hand luggage. The products must be in the original and unopened packaging, preferably with a description of the ingredients. To minimize the risk of problems, do not bring more than you realistically need for your own use. You should also check whether there are any substances that you are not allowed to take out of your country of origin. Lastly, be aware that there might be specific rules in the country of your stop over. Better safe than sorry: always contact the customs authorities if you have any doubts. Pon can not be held responsible. More info on the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration.
  • What should I eat or drink after a training session?  
    After a competition or workout, you will recover better if you replenish your proteins, carbohydrates and fluids as soon as possible. A cup of tea or water, a bowl of quark with fruit or a wholemeal egg sandwich, for example, is a good option. If you are going somewhere else after a competition or an intensive workout and it’s difficult to bring snacks along with you, then a protein shake is an excellent option.
  • How does my current workout fit in with training for the marathon?  
    Generally speaking it should not be a problem to combine another sport with your preparations for the marathon. However, ever sport/exercise has an impact on your body. So, if you are combining your preparations for the marathon with another sport, leave out one of your trainings in the schedule. 
  • Am I insured during the Amsterdam Marathon?
    Yes. We have arranged a travel insurance for all Pon participants during the following dates:

    Australia, Asia & USA: 18, 19, 20 & 21 October 2019
    Germany & Scandinavia: 19, 20 & 21 October 2019
    Netherlands: 19 & 20 October

    On these dates insurance costs will be for Pon. If you decide to stay longer or bring relatives and/or friends, these costs will be at your charge. You need to make arrangements for this yourself.