Sports & exercises

Of course you want to stay in shape and feel energetic. How can you keep exercising? Or start moving (again)? We make it easy and fun with varied exercises, workouts, tips and tricks. From running for beginners (with schedule), relaxing meditations, to a high intensity Tabata workout and tips to keep moving safely and healthily. Outdoors or rather indoors, at your own time or at a fixed time. Here you'll find it all.


Should you exercise before or after work? Just get going. Running is a good option but Pon Fit running coach JanWillem Nieboer notes a few points to watch. Check out his tips and a running schedule in this article.

Cycling & mountain biking

Feeling the wind brush against your face in the great outdoors is always a pleasure – whether you’re an experienced racing cyclist, a mountain biker or just an ‘ordinary’ cyclist. So, what should you watch out for these days? What should you do when it comes to social distancing and is it a good idea to push yourself to the limit? Nick Stöpler, Pon Fit trainer, Eurosport commentator and himself a racing cyclist/track cyclist, shares his cycling tips. 

And with these tips, you will be well prepared to jump on your mountain bike. 

Online workouts

Can’t you hit the gym yet? Working out at home is your answer. Choose your moment, on your own or with your family. We have collected a few workouts in our YouTube playlist ‘Stay Fit at home’ especially for you.

Medium & Intensive workouts
  1. High intensity 30 minute Tabata workout, with warming up (important!) and stretch afterwards. 
  2. Two full body workouts; workout 1 and workout 2. Before you start; check the useful tips (2 minutes only) and do a warming up.
Yoga & meditation
  1. Powernap Plus: a power nap during the day can help you refresh your mind, focus on your body and breathing and feel mentally and physically relaxed. This powernap plus is based on a yoga technique which is easy to follow. All you have to do is lie down and follow the voice that is guiding you. Nadia Bertelli is your power nap plus guide. 
  2. Switch meditation: this switch-meditation helps you switch between a busy workday (at home) to your private life. Switch off and find calm. These 4 minutes will help you focus on your private life after a busy workday. Make sure you sit comfortably, close your eyes and listen to this 4 minute switch-meditation by Nadia Bertelli. 
  3. Colleague Raymond shares a 15 minute yoga workout for your arms and shoulders.