Pon Fit during Corona

Who could have imagined what is happening in the world right now? And it affects us all. Fortunately also many positive things are happening. Despite the call to keep our (social) distance, we are more connected than ever and new exciting initiatives are being taken.

We want to do our bit to help you stay physically fit and mentally strong in these extraordinary times. We have made a compilation of all the relevant tips and tools from our partners. 

Sports & exercises

Of course you want to stay in shape and feel energetic. How can you keep exercising? Or start moving (again)? We make it easy and fun with varied exercises, workouts, tips and tricks. From running for beginners (with schedule), relaxing meditations, to a high intensity Tabata workout and tips to keep moving safely and healthily. Outdoors or rather indoors, at your own time or at a fixed time. Here you'll find it all


More and more employees are working from home. Some people may not be used to working from home – it takes a while to get used to and learn how to work from home. Here are some helpful tips and instructions from TIGRA, partner of Pon Fit for Health Check, Ergonomics and Workplace Health, to set up an (almost) perfect home office.


How do you stay mentally fit and resilient? Do you start your day fully rested? Do you manage to combine working from home with your family? Or do you feel lonely? Can you let go of your work now that you work from home? Several Pon Fit partners share their tips and tools to make you feel mentally stronger: