Terms & Conditions Amsterdam Marathon

Terms & Conditions Amsterdam Marathon
  1. Pon Fit has 125 tickets available in total of which 70 tickets are for the full marathon and 55 tickets are for the half marathon;
  2. If more registrations are received than the number of available places, Pon Fit will apply pre-selection based on motivation. Everyone who has not received a bib number, is on a reserve list;  
  3. You will participate in this event in your own time. You must take leave days;  
  4. Participation in Amsterdam Marathon is definitive after:
    1. employee accepts Pon Fit rules of play and the full Pon Fit package,
    2. confirmation by Pon Fit,
    3. receipt of participation fee in time (before 31th of March 2019),
    4. employee produced a medical certificate.
  5. Pon will arrange:
    1. Flights to Amsterdam Airport,
    2. Local transport, 
    3. Full board and lodgings (shared rooms with a colleague).
    4. Travel insurance.
    5. Starting permit (race bib),
    6. On-site support by a physical therapist.
    7. Advice on how to prepare for the event in areas such as training (planning) and nutrition. 
  6. Participation fees are:
    1. € 75 for participants from the Netherlands.
    2. € 200 for participants from Europe.
    3. € 350 for participants from outside Europe.
  7. Payment of participation fee is due 31th of March.
  8. In arbitrary cases, Pon Fit has the final word.  
  9. It is a Pon business event for Pon colleagues only.