Amsterdam Marathon 20th October 2019

Join us for a race through the world class city of Amsterdam. Start and finish in the city’s historical Olympic Stadium.

Amsterdam, October and 2019: these three ingredients will shape into a unique moment in Pon history. Not only will we open Move, our Experience Center and Mobility Hub, but we will also run the Amsterdam Marathon with 125 (international) colleagues. 

Pon Fit Package 

Pon Fit has prepared a full package for participating Pon employees. The marathon’s start and finish will take place at the Olympic Stadium, which is right nextdoor to Move. The Pon package includes airline tickets, transfers, board and lodgings (in shared rooms), a social activities program, a starting permit (race bib) and Pon running outfit. And to top it all off, we will celebrate the runner’s achievements with a party for Family and Friends at Move. In addition, Pon Fit offers coaching to help all participants prepare for the race as well as a physical therapist on site. Participation fees are € 75 for participants from the Netherlands, € 200 for participants from Europe and € 350 for participants from outside Europe. 


We have 125 starting permits (race bibs) available for the Amsterdam Marathon. Seventy of these are for the full marathon and fiftyfive are for the half marathon. Registration was possible until March 17th. Unfortunately you cannot register anymore. We do have a reserve list that we use in case of cancellations due to injuries. If you want to be on that list, please contact us at ponfit@pon.com.

Schedules & FAQ's

Here you will find the schedules and instructions to prepare for the Amsterdam (half) Marathon. Further we will bundle the most common questions and answers here

Terms, Conditions and Contact

Please check here for the terms and conditions regarding the participation. For further details you may contact Pon Fit at ponfit@pon.com.